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print on rectangular object print on cylindrical object

Technical Data
Output per hour
Max. size flat object
A3 (297x420 mm)
Electrical connection
max 2,9 kW/380V/50Hz
Air consumption
max 150 NL/min
Air pressure
5 bar
290 kg

        Screen printing machine ASP100LS is designed for permanent multi-color-prints directly on different shapes made of plastics, glassware, metal, paper, cartoon etc. Printing process is semi-automatic: loading and unloading are manual whereas the process of printing is fully automatic.
     Screen printing machines are equipped with modern servodrives AC. Synchronization between a sieve and a swivel of printed objects takes place on an electronic way. It is featured solution big accuracy of print and enables quick rearming of a machine because this solution eliminates necessity of making cogged circles about printed object diameter.
   Machine enables for quick change mounting and positioning for cylindrical, oval and rectangular objects or indexing table for flat object. Mechanical and electronic system of positioning can be used for multi-color printing on cylindrical object. In the case of printing on flat object characterized by multi-angle section electronically steered turn-table can be used.
   The speed of squeegee head (or printing screen), the range of print, rotating speed of object while being positioned, time of holding the object, time of break in automatic cycle, the sequence of squeegee and collector work during printing and other parameters can be determined in a simple way by the keyboard in the steering panel.
   Microcomputer controls the operation of the machine which in turn enables for additional supportive functions: multiplied print, mixing and collecting print on a printing screen, counting the number of cycles as well as adjusting the operation of the machine to individual need of the user. Information concerning operation status and parameters are show on liquid crystal screen in the steering panel.
   The printing cycle can be started by a foot-level or automatically and stopped in emergency in any moment of its operation by the other foot-level or by a button in a steering panel.
   Pneumatic units enables for smooth regulation of mounting clamp and the pressure of blow out.
Squeegee head is equipped with a pneumatic system of regulation of squeegee rubber clamp into surface, regulation of squeegee lifting and regulation of squeegee and collector slope in three planets. The movement of squeegee and collector are independent which, apart from printing, enables for collecting and mixing paint of printing screen. Printing and paint mixing are possible also by a squeegee without the use of collectors.
   Firm indexing table is a construction of glued elements made of aluminum alloy with the eloxal or plastic surface. Under-pressure in the indexing table is generated by a silent-running vacuum unit. Time of under-pressure is regulated freely in the steering panel. Tables can be equipped with base pins, hidden while printing, or movable block with base pins. Indexing table can entirely move outside the surface of printing screen.
   The machine can be equipped with rotating vertical or horizontal tables and set into different technological chains.
   The machine is build from parts delivered by well-known producers: single row bearings INA, STAR, HOERBIGER, pneumatic units FESTO, electronics SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, MEGATRON.

Device list:
    • 201/202. Cylindrical printing device with the possibility of pressured air blow out;
      mechanical positioning for adjusting (201)
      positioning controlled by photo-cell (202)
    • 203/205. Hollow cylindrical printing device with the possibility of vacuum positioning by the impulse pressured air;
      mechanical positioning for adjusting pin (203)
      shape positioning (205)
    • 204. Dust-cleaning module for cylindrical object
    • 206/207. Device for mounting oval object with the possibility of pressured air blow out;
      for one-side printing (206)
      for two side printing (207)
    • 208. Pen registered printing device. The possibility of positioning object in the case of multicolor printing
    • 209. Device for small, flat object
    • 210. Device for printing on flat bottles and canisters with the possibility of pressured air blow out
    • 211. Device for printing on flat objects characterized by multi-section with the use of electronically controlled turn-table
    • 212. Indexing table for printing on flat objects with support enabling to lift it into printing working area. Mounting by under screens
    • 213. Power supply for warming up metal and metallized printing screens
    • 214. Rack support
    • 215. Turn table with bracket
    • 217. Print on rectangular object

Print on cylindical, conical and oval object.
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Mechanical positioning
Photooptical positioning
Cosmetic jars
M echanical positioning
Dust cleaning module
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Hollow cylindrical or slighty
conical object
One side printing
Two side printing

Oval object
Printing radius 30-150 mm
Registered printing
Print on flat object
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Shape positioning
Shape positioning with automatic mounting and possibility
of blow out
Print on rigid flat object with electronically steere turn table
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Print on flat object
with moving table
(max. mm 210 x 420 h=20)
Print on rectangular object