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    Our company is a producer of screen printing machines. These are semiautomatics, automatics and technological lines destined for to drawing with screen print technics permanent and spectacular multicoloured overprint. The overprints are directly on objects eg. mugs, glassful, dram, tubes, cosmetics jars, CD and DVD, pails, bottles, paper cubes, pen, lighters, candles and other advertising gadgeds about various shapes: round, oval, flat, cube made of plastic (PP, PE, PCV), glass, metal, paper, cardboard.Screen printing machinaASP100S

    The recently wide assortment of produced devices was extended about modern machines of series "S". We are equipped with servomotors AC. Synchronization between a sieve and a swivel of printed objects takes place on an electronic way. It is featured solution big accuracy of print and enables quick rearming of a machine because this solution eliminates necessity of making cog-wheels about printed object diameter.
Examples of printed articles
Examples of printed articles Using our firm's screen printing machines you can overprint even each object. Screen printing machines can manage with small objects like ball-pens, pendants, lighters, wineglasses, bigger: cosmetic jars, tubes, bottles, glasses, mugs, ashtrays, paper cubes and biggest ones: buckets, large bottles, advertising stands. Sort of material is unimportant. It may be plastic, glass, metal, paper, cardboard, PCV etc.