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Model Width of conveyer and zone of hardening
UV 250 P
250 mm
UV 350 P
350 mm
UV 650 P
650 mm
UV 800 P
800 mm

  Dryers UV/../R are designed for hardening of paints and lacquers put down by screen-printing on various flat objects like foil, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, printed plates etc.
Hardening is evoked by radiation with ultraviolet waves in very short time. Working room for hardening in ultraviolet equipped with easy dismantled emitting-reflectors segment with one or more UV lamps.
   Lamps used in reactors have high density of power. Depending on requirements of users you can get from 100 to 240 W/cm and in proper range of spectrum for hardening processes 200-400 nm max. 366 nm.
   System emitting-reflectors includes one or more high-compressing mercury UV lamp and a semiparabolic mirror made of electrolytely polished aluminium.
   On request it can be equipped with quartz windowpanes reducing influence of infrared radiation on hardened surface. System of supplying of lamps can be equipped with fluid or leaping power regulation in range from 100 % to 40 %. Measurement of active time is separate for each power (leaping regulation). It has a system of measuring of intensity shining.
System of cooling of lamps can be steered manually or automatically.
   Caisson of a sucking assembly may be put under a conveyor. It produces underpressure that’s why light objects are adjacent to a net of a conveyor. It preserves against possible undermining in the direction of system of lamps.
   A net of a conveyor can be made of glass or other fibre covered by teflon. That’s why the net is resistant to UV radiation and temperature up to 2600.
Driving system enables regulation of moving of conveyor in range 1-20 nm.
There is a digital readout of current speed on a handwheel of a multirotational potentiometer or on a mesomorphic display.
An automatic receiver of sheets from the table on bearing of a conveyor before emitting system.

Supply 3 x 380 V; 50 Hz, power depending on width of hardening zone and need of radiation intensity UV 2,5 – 16,5 kw.