Our company is specialized in the production of direct-to-shape industrial inkjet printers. In our assortment one can find a range of machines designed for printing objects of various shapes and substrates. Inkjet technology, which is used by our company, allows printing on objects that used to be difficult to print due to their shape and their flexible or fragile structure.
Since established, our company has been producing machines and equipment for direct decoration of spatial products, such as bottles, jars, containers, advertising gadgets, etc., in technologies of screen printing, hot stamping and in recent years - inkjet printing. Objects intended for printing can be made of plastic, glass, metal, paper, etc.
Machines that had been produced so far have proven themselves over many years of use by our Clients, and the experience gained on an ongoing basis has allowed the stable development of the machine range offered, as new decorating technologies was becoming available.


The modular design of the offered machines allows to choose precisely the right solution in terms of the size of printed products, their shape, substrate and expected efficiency of the process.
In case of inkjet printers, it is possible to print on products of various shapes (e.g. square, oval) that fit in a cylinder of the following dimensions:
- diameter: 40 mm ÷ 120 mm
- height of printed object: 40mm ÷ 450 mm
- print width: up to 280 mm
- number of ink layers applied: 10 (white, CMYK, special layers), more layers – upon individual arrangements (e.g. CMYK, white, CMYK, special layers).
Printed layers of ink can have different thicknesses - from very thin (e.g. about 10 μm) to thick (e.g. 0.5 mm), and they can be placed next to each other or mingling smoothly, depending on expected final effect.
Typical print resolution: 360x360 dpi or 720x 360 dpi (higher upon arrangement).
Depending on the model, the output of manufactured machines may range from several hundred to several thousand printed items per hour (up to 8000 pcs/h).

The possibilities of inkjet printing are presented on the photos placed in the Gallery section, which we invite you to view. 

Unlike inkjet technology, machines working in technology of screen printing have some limitations as to the shape, number of colors and resolution of printouts, due to the limitations of this technology. Nevertheless, we continue to manufacture screen printing devices according to customers’ wishes.

Examples of printing on objects made of glass, metal and plastic.
Printed products are not only cylindrical, but also rectangular, oval and with irregular surfaces.

Examples of printing on a bottles with a variable cross-section additionally covered with spiral patterns.
Prints on concave and convex surfaces as well as in the middle of the recesses.

Examples of transparent and double-sided prints (with white underprint between the CMYK layers).

Printing with thick layers and in indentations. Photorealistic print in 360x360 dpi.

Printing with thick layers magnified (on the layers you can see light reflections from printouts on the opposite side of the bottle).

Prints on paper cubes, plastic and wood tubes and advertising gadgets.


If you have any questions or in case you want to choose which machine would be the best for you, please send us a question and we will gladly answer.


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